You will sell things online a lot quicker if you follow these

Posting to sell online is made to be quick and easy to upload. Within a few minutes your item is up and live, and you await the customers enquiries. With thousands of viewers and thousands of postings, you need to improve the number of views your post receives to increase the number of enquiry. Here are a few easy tricks and things to fix to greatly increase your advert getting noticed. A well-made sale post, can receive over 20x the views a badly made sale post.

Take a good image: clear background, preferably a surface that has single color, like wood flooring, or a white kitchen top, to help your product pop out in the picture. Take the photo during natural light rather than at night, and use wide horizontal angle better than vertical. Posts are usually designed to display vertical images better than horizontal.

Correct title: A perfect title, should be short between 7-10 words. You must include the product name in the title. This will help to bring up your advert if someone searches by typing product name.
Highlight the reason why your product is better than other identical products. If you did your research and found your price is lower than usual, use words like “Priced lower than usual” if most products you noticed are older than yours, use “rarely used, as good as new”. If you notice that there are not many products exactly like yours, use “rare to find”. Avoid generic terms that are over used such as “Great deal”.

Information about the owner: buying a second hand good, the quality is linked to the first owner. If you have maintained it well, say how, perhaps it is perfectly stored away, or you only used it a few times. Generic terms commonly used such as “Good condition” can go unnoticed and people just pay attention to the image to confirm the quality.

Drop a dollar: users can often order the search result by lowest price. With hundreds of similar products, putting your price as $49 rather than $50, will allow your advert to jump up the order list, above potentially tens of listings priced at $50.

Keep the advert new: You can often refresh your advert every few days, so do it. The listings that capture 90% of the views are only a few days old. Your post views will most likely all be in the first 2 days, after which the daily views will drop off substantially unless you refresh your advert.

Grow your friends list: on people see posts with a friend in common above those with no friends in common. Also purchasing a used product from someone with a common friend, helps give reassurance to the buyer, knowing there is a trusted friend in between.

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