How your business can benefit from innwan addresses


Businesses who wish to offer delivery can find it very difficult to provide the services in regions or countries where there is no address system. Often a business needs to rely on knowing the area well and hope to understand the directions provided by the customer and not end up getting lost on the way. Time spent with your delivery driver trying to reach the customer address can lead to less delivery, and late deliveries can result in upset customers. Innwan allows any home resident to map the location of their home or office and receive a unique digital code that represents the address. When the unique address number of the customer is shared with your business, you will be able to pull up the address along with directions to getting there.
Having an account for your business on innwan allows you to select the neighborhoods and cities you wish to offer deliveries to. Residents of your selected neighborhoods will be notified and enquiries will quickly grow for your business.

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