9 item you own that can generate you lease income

Not doing anything with your Camping gear, power tools, carpet cleaner, roller blades or your ladder? Try hiring them out to your neighbors. You can make money by putting your belongings to work.


When it comes to deciding what makes an item you own a good item to lease to your neighbors, consider the following. The item would preferably be durable and difficult to break and you hardly ever use it. At the same time, people who wish to lease it, should find your close proximity to their home an advantage. So here is a list of items to consider leasing out:



Parking space: If you’ve got a coveted parking spot, you can make a few extra dollars a month by leasing it to a neighbor. No one wants to lease a parking space that is miles from their home, so your neighbors will appreciate your parking space close proximity.



Storage space: Families can often reach a point that they have run out of store space in their home to store their personal possessions. At such point, people start to consider storing elsewhere. Storage rentals can be expensive as well as far. Turning to leasing a neighbor’s extra garage space, basement, spare room space etc. is perfect. Its close, and easy to access when needed.


Routes or commutes: shared rides are very popular, especially in places where public transport is lacking. Advertise your route and timings, and nearby residents can opt to ride along at a fee. You can even advertise your services to those looking to ship goods across cities, if you happen to be traveling between cities.


Real Estate: this is a no brainer, if you have a vacant property. However you can be creative and simply lease out a room, or pet shelter in your garden, should a neighbor wish to travel and want a place to house their pet.


Cleaning equipment: pressure washer or carpet cleaners are not something you will use regular, and therefore make a perfect leasing item. You can make even more if you advertise your skills and experience in using the equipment, and turn it into a full service offering.



DIY tools: Most people would feel it makes sense to spend money to purchase a tool that will only be used once or twice a year at most, and better to just rent. Here are a few tools that fit that mindset: Power drill, nail gun, paint sprayer, saw blades, paint rollers, and sander.


Gardening tools: lawn mower, garden fork, garden shredder, hedge trimmer. Its not often that someone owns every gardening tool available, and leasing them can often be a better financial option than to buy.



Games: after a few weeks of playing a game, you usually either finished the game or end up bored of it. Lease it and make back some of the money you spent when purchasing it.



Camping gear: for most of us, camping is not a regular thing and often don’t own all the gear and equipment required for a good camping trip, or even a full day at the beach. Tent, sleeping bags, beach umbrella, cooling boxes, BBQ grill etc. all make great leasing items.

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