8 things you should give away rather than throw away

Our belongs that get old, out of fashion, stop working like they use it, or damaged all end up chucked away or placed in the back of the garage and forgotten for years under the cover of dust. Recycling saves the environment, and everyone tells us we should do it. However, we often chuck things away that actually still have life in them, or at times pay to have them removed, without checking if anyone is interested in taken our old items. To figure out what makes a product a perfect give away rather than chuck away, consider the following:

Home appliances: These products can be large and heavy, and having them removed requires paying someone to come pick it up and remove it. Perhaps someone has use for your old heavy item and is willing to take care of the cost of moving it. People who are in the business of recycling or selling old goods, or spare parts, are always on the lookout for unwanted goods by owners. Posting these heavy old appliances as give ways, and you will soon attract someone who is interested. You will avoid the cost of paying for the removal and get an appreciation thanks.

Old electronics: electronics usually have a life line before something better comes along, so perhaps your old CD player is not of interest to you anymore, but it can be of interest to many others. Old unwanted electronics, even if not in perfect working order, make a great give away item.

Garden furniture & equipment: Perhaps you are moving to a home that does not have the garden space of your current home, or you are moving to an apartment. While some garden equipment makes more sense to sell on, other equipment and old furniture may be a little harder to sell on, so giving it away to an appreciative neighbor would be the best.

Children products: Children can outgrow their clothes and toys every few months, and as a parent you are constantly shopping for products that match their fast growing bodies and personalities. Donating the older items of your children to parents nearby would be highly appreciated.

Books: books, including Novels you already read many times, or academic books, can sit at your book shelf for years without use, donate and pass on their knowledge to someone new.

Textile & Fabrics: blinds, carpets, towels, sheets, usually end up chucked away, yet people and companies are happy to take them and turn them into rags and quilts, and artists can use them for art décor.

Old gadgets: VHS player, Sony Walkman, PageWriter, Texas Instrument calculator, computer monitor, that you haven’t used for years, and left in your attic, posting it as a giveaway and make a gadget collector day.

Pet products: pet products such as fish tanks, bird cages, dog beds, are great giveaway, if you no longer own the pet that once used them.

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