12 items your neighbors would love to know if your selling

Buying from a neighbor builds relationships and community cohesiveness. It is also extremely convenient, as we often wish to avoid long travel to inspect that second hand iphone for scratches before releasing money to the seller. Most goods posted for sale will be sold locally. Here is a list of items your neighbors are very interested to see you post to sell:


Furniture: having furniture shipped across cities can be expensive, but having furniture picked up from 2 blocks away makes a lot more sense. Sofas, dining tables, lamps etc.


Electronics: TV, speakers, cameras, laptops, mobiles, are expensive as new, and people are on the lookout for second hand well maintained electronics.


Gadgets: gadgets that were cool 15 years ago are now collectables, so posting for sale your Sony Walkman that you haven’t used for years may fetch you a surprising attractive price.


Paintings & art décor: wall paintings, candle holders, and other decorative home items are very popular items of exchange between local residents.


Sports gear: roller blades, skateboard, bikes, running shoes, soccer garden goal nets, tennis rackets, golf sticks.


Games, DVDs: You watched the DVD many times and you completed the Play station game twice, time to sell it and use the cash to purchase something new.


Tickets for local events: sudden change of plans and you can’t make the event anymore, see who lives nearby that may be interest to take the tickets off your hands.


Pets: if your cat recently gave birth to 7 new kittens, you probably wish to find a new home for them. Your neighbor with a similar home to yours may make the perfect new home for the pet.


Watches and jewelry: Often keep a good value, and are collectors’ items. With their expensive price tag, the buyer will want to see the item in person, to inspect it before purchase. A nearby seller will have the advantage.


Home-made items and accessories: make and sell, food products, accessories, or jewelry. You can even deliver them yourself when the buyer is living locally.


Collectables: your non-collectables maybe someone else collectables. Cards, old board games, stamps.


Children’s clothing and toys: kids outgrew their clothes and the toys annually. At times the clothes and toys are still in perfect condition. These are easy sale to another parent.

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